Washi Tape Storage, Organization & Catalog

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Washi Tape Storage

Let’s talk washi tape and how we store it, organize it in our storage containers and inventory or catalog it to know what we have to be able to USE it.

I literally have thousands of rolls of washi tape in almost every size, color, and print imaginable. I needed a massive but accessible storage space, a great organization system, and some way to know what I have and match up colors to be able to use my washi tape.

Washi Tape Storage
Let’s start with how I store my washi tape. I use Three-Drawer Washi Organizer by Michaels. I have 10 of these units that sit on the front of my main crafting desk. This is the site that greets me every single day, I love the colors!

Washi Tape Storage

My main creative table with the wall of washi that separates me from the rest of our basement. What a joyful sight.

Washi Tape Organization:
Now that I have 30 drawers to put my washi tape in, how to I organize my washi tape? I do split up any washi tape that I buy bundled together and organize primarily by rainbow then by theme.
(See my organization overview here for more information on my modified rainbow approach and themes list).

For washi tape that is primarily one color, I’ll sort those in my rainbow sections by color.

Washi Tape Drawers 01-06

This is two 3-Drawer units stacked on top of each other in my rainbow section of washi tape.

For washi tape that is patterned or themed, I will store those in specific labeled drawers. I have sections for general patterns, such as floral, dotted, striped, and glitter. I have other sections for more themed washi tape such as baby, vintage, and camera.

Patterned Washi Tape Organization

My multi-color washi tape sections labeled with themes or types of prints.

Washi Tape Inventory (Catalog)
Each of my 37 drawers is labeled with a number and many also have a theme or pattern labeled on them. This way I have some way of knowing which of the 37 drawers the washi is in. Please scroll below to see the video that demonstrates this catalog method in more detail.

To create my washi catalogs, I started with a sheet of 8.5×11 heavy weight report covers (10 mil clear acrylic) and cut each piece down into strips of 1.5 x 4.25 inch clear rectangular tags. To each tag, I will punch a hole in the top left corner, then I attach a piece of washi tape all along the bottom edge to create my individual tag per washi. These are stored by drawer number in little clear containers in the bottom shelf of my raskog cart.

Washi Tape Swatch

These are the ringed inventory that I keep for all my washi tape rolls.

I love having these little tags of washi on clear acrylic because I can lay them on my layouts to see how each will look on a particular piece of paper and if the washi is the right size.

Washi Tape Clear tag

The clear acrylic lets me lay the inventory tag over any project to see if the washi tape will fit and is the correct color.

Here is a very quick video that walks you through the process from beginning to end:

You can also watch and subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to store, organize, inventory or catalog and USE your washi tape. Whether you have a lot or a little, good storage and organization is the key to using this beautiful product on your layout.

For ideas on how to use washi tape on your layouts, please check out our Techniques Gallery for Washi Tape.

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