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Washi Organization

The wall of washi tape that greets me at my desk every day. What a wonderful way to start the day!


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Washi Tape Storage Washi Tape Storage, Organization & Catalog - Let’s talk washi tape and how we store it, organize it in our storage containers and inventory or catalog it to know what we have to be able to USE it. I literally have thousands of rolls of washi tape in almost every size, color, and print imaginable. I needed a massive but accessible storage space, a great organization system, and some way to know what I have and match up colors to be able to use my washi tape. Washi Tape Storage Let’s start with how I store my washi tape. I use Three-Drawer Washi Organizer by Michaels. I… ... Read More
Cardstock Storage Cardstock Organization Tips – Rainbow theme - Lets talk about that very large and very hard to store item in our craft rooms, cardstock organization and loose sheet patterned paper organization. We are not going to address all of our lovely paper pads or themed paper kits in this article but will address those in a our next organizational tip. I know I have enough solid color heavy weight cardstock and loose patterned paper to open at least 2 scrapbook stores and I love it because I can always find the exact shade that I want, but that hasn't always been the case. Its taken several years… ... Read More
Crafty Journal Brain Dump Creative 15 Introduction – Start Here - Welcome to my new Monday series on how to pack a little bit of crafting into each and every day, the Creative 15 series. If you are like me and have so many irons in the fire that you can’t keep up with, how do you make time to create each day? How do I come up with the energy to be creative? This series will help you get crafting 15 minutes at a time. You will be amazed at how fast those 15 minute increments can add up to beautiful creative layouts. INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE 15 Research has shown… ... Read More
Glitter Organizing Glitter, Stickles, Liquid Pearls, Nuvo Drops - Here are some tips and tricks for organizing glitter and all these other wonderful color tools: • Glitter glue (Stickles, Moxy, etc) • Loose glitter (fine, chunky, etc) • Liquid Pearls • Nuvo Drops • Other liquid coloring tools (smooch, etc)   Who doesn’t have an amazing stash of beautiful glittery liquids? But the real question is, do you know exactly what you have and can you find it quickly to use on your layouts? I struggled for years with keeping these little bottles of glitter, stickles and liquid pearls stored correctly upside down but also within reach so I… ... Read More
Cardstock Organization by Color Scrapbook Supply Organization – Overview - I am often asked how I organize all of my very large craft supply stash and that is a difficult question to answer because everyone scrapbooks a little differently. The key to organizing and using your stash is being able to find the right supply at the right time without spending too much time or organizing it to begin with. In short, you need to organize in the same way that you craft! I, for one, am a very color oriented and theme oriented scrapbooker, therefore, I organize everything by those methods. For my color based organization (inks, pens, markers,… ... Read More