Welcome to our Organizational overview page and our new series called WORKSPACE WEDNESDAY.

WORKSPACE WEDNESDAY is geared to help you organize your craft room and all of your wonderful craft supplies and tools according to how you scrapbook.  I will be using a number of brands and types of organizational methods and each week we will build on the prior week with new information to think about and new questions for you to answer.  This is not a one and done organizational series as we will be checking back in periodically with each lesson to see what is working and what is not working.

Craft Room Organization - Patterned Paper Example

Craft Room Organization – Patterned Paper Example

Many organizational methods have you completely empty your craft room and start from scratch.  We all know the issue with that approach is that we lose our creative time.  These lessons are designed to be done in 15 minutes a day so these lessons will coincide with our CREATIVE 15 challenges for each week.

Choose one of our options below to see photos and ideas on various ways to organize your crafting supplies:


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