March 3-4 Memory Journal

Our Memory Journaling 101 class will be a recurring Zoom class on the First Thursday of every month from 7PM-9PM MST.

Our next class is:

What is memory journaling?

  • If a journal and a scrapbook got married, their child would be a memory journal
  • Collection of your memories / Photos or memorabilia
  • Telling your story in a creative way that is tailored to your lifestyle
    • No rules except HAVE FUN
    • Creative 15 – Quick 15 minute creative breaks
    • Creative outlet to destress, relax, have FUN
  • What types of stories?
    • Daily / Everyday Life (in place of memory planner or project life)
    • Travel
    • Any story you might scrapbook (Learning to do something, special moments, etc)
    • Special Occasion (Holiday, family gathering, etc)
    • Children’s school accomplishments
    • Tribute journals

How do you memory journal?

  • What is your journal about?
  • What do you remember about that or do you have notes somewhere?
    • Have someplace recurring to take your notes, I use a daily/weekly planner from Cocoa Daisy
    • Try to document at least 3 things about each day (especially quotes, news, etc)
  • Gather photos, memorabilia, notes (a portable printer is very helpful here)
  • Gather supplies
  • Write & have fun
  • MAKE IT A HABIT – 21-60 days to form a new habit

When do you memory journal?

  • Depends on type of journal
    • Daily – I like to do next day with the notes from my planner
    • Travel – At end of trip but take notes during trip
    • Special Occasion – Anytime (take notes)
  • When does it begin / end?
    • You decide that, its undated so start whenever you please
  • Daily – Try not to go beyond 1-2 days (if you do, take more notes)

What do you put in a memory journal?

  • Cover page
  • Calendar
  • Daily entries
  • Quotes
  • Memorabilia
  • Artwork
  • Song lyrics
  • Currently – (watching, listening, reading, etc)
  • Photos

What supplies do you need?

  • Journal / binder – watch the paper weight 120 gsm+ – Something to contain your stories
    • Binder w/ punched paper
    • Travelers Notebook – multiple sizes
    • Discs & punched paper
    • Journal
    • Planner
  • Paper
    • Cardstock
    • Patterned paper
    • Lined / dot grid / grid paper
    • Pocket cards
  • GOOD pen – smooth writing / quick dry
    • Sharpie S Gel
    • Sakura Dry pens
    • Paper Mate ink joy
  • Embellishments
    • Stickers
    • Alphabets
    • Die cuts
    • Borders
    • Tags
    • Pocket cards (4×6 & 3×4)
    • Bling (enamel dots, buttons, gems, etc)
    • stencils
    • Washi
    • Ink
    • Stamps
    • Ribbon
    • Punches / dies
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Sticker paper

Journaling prompts:

  • Expand on 5 basics:
    • Who
      • Name everyone in the photo(s)
      • Do you remember everyone in your childhood photos?
    • What
      • Quotes
      • Out of the ordinary
      • Routines
      • Local customs (travel)
    • When
      • Date
      • Day of week
    • Why
      • Special Occasion
      • Holiday
      • Normal life
      • Vacation
    • Where
      • Document if not at home
      • Especially important on travel

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