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Welcome to 2024 and lets kick off the year with a new memory journal class and introduce how to create a book journal.

#bookJournalsupply, #craftsupply, #scrapbooksupply

My initial gathering of my kit for this project

Have you ever wanted to document the books you read, the movies or shows you watch, special recipes or any other important thing you do and want to remember?  I have always been an avid reader but have a hard time remembering what I’ve read and where I am in a series.  I use Goodreads but really wanted a way to document what I’ve read, when I read it, how long it took me to read it, favorite quotes and what the book was about.  Enter in the reading journal (or book journal if you prefer).  I also have a goal every year of reading daily and I can track my progress on this in my reading journal.

What exactly is a book journal?

This type of journal is usually very narrow in focus (mine will be on books read) and can be in several formats.  It can be included in a notebooks (like my favorite Archer & Olive notebooks), it can be in a small format binder (think 6×8 scrapbook binder) or other formats.  Since mine is on reading, I will be using an old book cover for mine and binder rings.  I will add my own paper to it for the content.

How do you make a book journal or reading journal?

Because this type of a journal has a very narrow focus, it can be heavily themed.  For example, I have scoured stores for reading or book related supplies.  Join us on Zoom on Saturday, January 27, 2024 at 9am to get an introduction to this project.

What supplies do I need to create a book journal?

The following is a starting list of supplies that will help you get started.  Once started, take note of the supplies you are using and focus on those and replace as needed.

  • Notebook, journal, binder
  • Paper – Patterned, cardstock, dot grid (look for heavier weight paper like 100 gsm or heavier)
  • Washi tape – Great way to add theme decoration
  • Stickers
  • Writing instruments – Markers, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Photo printing – For printing those tiny little book covers that are just so darn cute

What do I include in a reading journal?

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Tiny Book Covers – I just love these

While its very specific to what you think is important to remember, here are some general ideas:

  • Reading Goals & progress towards that goal – My goal is to read 24 books in 2024 and to read daily towards that goal – I would love to see my reading stats in one place for all types of books
  • Books to be read – This is a huge list for me as I frequently get free books on Kindle and purchase entire series of books at one time.  Not sure how I will handle this, maybe a full list of all I have I have not read and then my tentative goals for the 24 books to be read in 2024
    • I love the idea of a hand drawn bookshelf for this – So cute and creative
  • Books Read – Think of including things like dates read, format (print, kindle, audiobook), number of pages, star rating, favorite quotes, short synopsis of the plot or review of the book
  • Reading challenges or a Reading Bingo card you might be participating in
  • Book club notes & discussions
  • Books you want to read
  • New release dates of books you want to read
  • Book Bracket – Think of the college basketball brackets but for books – Help determine your favorite book of the year with these cute trackers

Why would I want to start a reading journal?

For me, its about being able to recapture some beloved characters without re-reading the book.  It helps me remember those stories I’ve read and look for similar books.  I can focus on my reading goals and most importantly, it’s a fun creative way to capture doing something I love.

Maybe for you, its not books, but movies, a TV series or cooking new recipes.  Whatever you want to track, join me in this fun class to learn fun ways to decorate your memory journal pages on whatever subject you choose.

Here are a few links to help get the creative juices flowing:

  • Pinterest – Book Journal Board samples I’ve clipped
  • YouTube – Watch instructional video’s here

Happy Scrappin’